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We are different.

The first condition of our company culture, and the biggest difference, is that the best way to fulfill a project is not an option but a standard. There are many product groups within a structure and we believe that each product has a different language, identity and spirit. DesignEx performs these nuances as a work of art in its projects in accordance with its spirit.
DesignEx Family, which is an expert in its field, is a turnkey organization that provides planning, production and application for your Naturalization, Ceramic, Composite and Planer Exterior Facade Projects with Steel Construction.
DesignEx has completed many prestigious projects with its experienced staff, who prioritize service satisfaction in all stages from the project and R & D team to facade and interior design.
Our design team of architects and engineers, who are experts in their fields and who love doing their job, interpret the project to be realized by acting with the awareness of the trace they will leave in the silhouette of the city with ethical, aesthetic and economic concerns.

One Stop Art

As DesignEx, we add meaning to our structures in a horizontal and vertical manner with the motto of art in one stop. Vertically, this Motta is art is defined and designed the production of all the products needed by a facade including ceramic, natural stone, aluminum, silicone, ie hot and cold facades related to the exterior facade production of our structures. Blending different technical and finishing languages ​​of different building materials with the same technical and same team ensures both finishes and details to be accurate and also saves time.
We also address the interiors of our buildings with natural stone, ceramic, wood, sanitaryware and armature components with the other perspective of our motto. In one stop, with the principle of art, our investors do not experience any coordination problems between time and teams. In short, everything needed for a structure is designed and manufactured by DesignEx.
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