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Designex Inc. carries out its activities through two main lines.
It is an architectural solution partnership with turnkey projects and contracting, system development, consultancy and R&D services in facade solutions. Our design team of architects and engineers, who are experts in their fields and who love doing their job, interpret the project to be realized by acting with the awareness of the trace they will leave in the silhouette of the city with ethical, aesthetic and economic concerns.
As Designex Inc. also serves as a commercial solution partner with its wide range of products in the field of building materials.
In this direction, to meet the demands and expectations of our customers in a timely manner and in accordance with globalizing world standards to give importance to the protection and improvement of the environment to work in accordance with national and international legislation, Designex A.Ş. is committed to produce equipment equipped with clean energy and modern technology, under ergonomic working conditions, to deliver it to end users without risk, to protect the occupational safety and health of all our employees and to work in accordance with legal requirements.

Product Sales,
Project Commitment,
Facade Consultancy

Designex Inc. within the scope of Project Contracting and Consultancy Activities; It carries out R&D studies, system development on facade systems, especially technical porcelain mechanical coating, development of sustainable, durable, aesthetic, functional exterior systems and the production of technical porcelain coating in different sizes and thicknesses.

In the contracting department, it provides guaranteed, turnkey business partnership service in system and application solutions of brand projects in Turkey and abroad. It also shows its privilege in the sector as the only company to use it on the exterior in the concept of Guaranteed.

Providing architectural consultancy services, Designex Inc., with its professional architects, engineers and experts who have signed on elite and brand projects in Turkey and Globe, by providing all the services of examining and monitoring the design, application and durability of the exterior according to versatile criteria It has ensured that countless projects are completed on the zero error principle.
Designex Inc. by providing Financial Consultancy services within its structure; It provides all solutions starting with a project-based financial feasibility study, including risk analysis and management, communication between banks and financial institutions, determining the need for the most appropriate financing structure for cash flow and financing negotiation process management.

Designex Commercial Product Group Designex Inc., in its special collection of building materials industry, design and supply of advanced technology and highly automated products that work in unique standards produced from our factory with by the name of our brand and provide sales with Turkey representative of global brands.

Ercan Group of Companies

Designex Inc., Established to operate within the Ercan Group of Companies, is gaining strength from the Ercan Group of Companies.

Ercan Group of companies, started its first investment in the mining sector in 1965, than operates in the rapidly developing sectors of our country such as energy. mining, tourism, insurance and building materials industry, is a community located in the contribution to the national economy with 80% growth rate.

-Bien Seramik, which exports to 28 countries on 5 continents and with its widespread dealer network abroad,

-Bien Bathroom, which includes products for wet areas, ceramic sanitary ware, armatures, recessed reservoirs and bathroom accessories in its product range,
-Qua Granit, the industry's largest and latest technology production line,

-Bien Insurance, operating in the energy, tourism, insurance and building materials sectors,


-Gezinomi with 500 sub-sales agencies and a portfolio of nearly 1000 hotels.

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