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Solid trust.

As an exterior construction company, professionalism is the most important component of success. Keeping promises on time and in line with budgets and focusing on common achievements is our priority.

Success for DesignEx is not a one-sided factor. Therefore, the synchronous progress of our work with our project and application team, successful process management, create as much trust in our customer portfolio as our external facades.

DesignEx is not only a facade designing company, but it is also an organization that can transfer its art to the interior with its unique design concept that makes your dream projects come true.
We share all information about the design alternatives of the facade that will be designed from the project stage to the application and delivery stages with the optimum technical, financial solutions and the problems that we anticipate that they may arise after and so we make the final decisions together. We support all aspects of your project from concept to completion with our advantages. We believe that our indoor and outdoor relationships require proactive applicable participation.

How we work?

Design and Study
The architectural project, exterior design work, implementation and realization, functionality, building physics, engineering issues to be examined.

Project and Detail
Suggestions and detail studies for the facade solutions in architectural application projects.

Application Projects
Design, mechanical, static building physics, such as the analysis of the project is created after the phase-square-detail solutions of the project and the technical specifications of the drawing and application of the shop drawing projects to be prepared.
Mock Up and Test Phase
In our architectural design-application process, every system may not be suitable for every building. The applicability of the system to the building and the accuracy of the solutions are checked in the test center when necessary

Installation Management
Expert supervision is an important factor at this stage in order to obtain accurate and high-quality results when performing outdoor applications.
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How We Work?

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