Architectural Glasses

Glass is one of the most important part of modern life bring our world comfort prestige and esthetics. Owing to coating side buildings look much more graceful and prestige.
Outside factors will have more importance to ensure comfort conditions. These glasses provide to take under control all kind of factors as sunray, solar radiation, noises etc...
Suitable panels for architectural modules are produced in special halls and the glasses are transferred to construction area helping with expert personnels. It is a necessity to temper especially the outer glass of the system in the way of health and enviromental consciousness.
  • Silicone Glazing
  • Semi Cape Facade
  • Capped Facade
  • Transparent Facade
  • Isolated Transparent Facade
  • Skylight Glazing
  • Tempered Glasses
  • Laminated Glasses
  • Curved-Crystal Glasses
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